We have arrived!

We made it to Vienna!

It was a gorgeous drive in from France with a stop in Zurich at Reto’s place!

Our Airbnb apartment that we’ve rented for 2 weeks while we look for an apartment, is pretty hilarious. It’s a ground floor, tiny apartment furnished with old lady furniture, oil paintings of old men (one has eyes that follow you everywhere), and floor to ceiling thick gold curtains. Oh, and our blankets on the bed are for children and have flowers and dolphins all over them. No matter though! It’ll do until we get our permanent place.

Speaking of, we found the perfect place! It’s adorable, in a great location and has a kitchen I can’t wait to cook in. It’s in an altbau (we think it’s an altbau) but the interior has been redone and we’ll be the first people to live there with everything new. COOL! We’re just waiting to hear back from the agency that we got it for sure. Fingers crossed!

So far I love the city! Getting around is easy, there are tons of trees, and I’m already into café culture and have gotten a melange (cappuccino) pretty much everyday. The city is super international- I hear English and French everywhere.

Another thing that I noticed immediately is that EVERYONE smokes. Seriously. EVERYONE. I didn’t expect this at all, but in Austria, smoking in bars and restaurants and cafés is still allowed. Some places have smoking sections and some are just entirely smoking areas. Plus, cigarettes are incredibly cheap and there are vending machines outside every Tabak in case the Tabak itself is closed. I quit smoking almost a month ago, and this last week has been really hard for me. All I’m going to say about that though, is that it’s going to be a bumpy road and I’m going to do my freaking best!

Anyway, there are a million things to do here! We got here the week of the Vienna International Film Festival, yesterday was the Österreichischer Nationalfeiertag (the Austrian National Day), and this weekend was the Kürbisfest (pumpkin festival). More on that next time! Check out the gallery of pics from our move (most of them were taking from a moving car!)!


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